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Wellnesspoint by Cosmoetica

Wellnesspoint               El Corte Inglés 

Beauty and Wellness Center in El Corte Inglés of Pamplona.

More action more relaxing Join the welfare !. The state of calm on the muscle and mental level is essential to be more effective both in the clarity of thinking and acting.

Enrich works better. Retrieves shape and tone that best suits you.

Live well! Re-direct your life!

Wellness is a state of equilibrium that favors high resilience of vitality to wear. The message of wellness through the skin is training to awaken intelligence, efficiency and enjoyment to the surface.

Do not let the heaviness tired your steps!

Feel the vitality flow and soar. Enjoy new every step with all the beauty and harmony. Feel the balance that relieves excess load off your feet and legs.

Wellnesspoint by Cosmoetica

El Corte Inglés, Planta 8, c/Estella, 9 (Pamplona) Spain