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Our Team

Our team

Our team work is our best asset. From the organic herb crops to the packaging each step adds a new value.

Josenea is the organic certified herb plantation from where we receive many of our ingredients. It also gives us inspiration and we are proud when we think of the fields well looked after by devoted workers, the same with the area for drying and transforming the herbs.

Josenea is also an integrative working place, giving work to people with difficulties to find a job anywhere else. Inspiration and added values come to all of us.

Our team comes from different kingdoms also, human, bees and plants. We care for each one and for each environment while enjoying of the necessary effort to work together.

We work and live respecting the expression and needs of each one and giving value to the different talents.

We share a common objective that is to create a better environment offering best cosmetics for a healthy beauty.

Our aim is that our clients can enjoy the highest vitality in each of our cosmetics, enhancing the vital energy of trees and plants.