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Mandala Mandala Mandala Mandala

Our colored images are based on the mandalas created by German artist Mayra Andrea Kanne, who lives in Spain.

Mandala is a circular drawing in which there is a constant interaction between centre and periphery.

The wonderful journey from all potentiality –unlimited- to manifestation –always limited- is always different and highly complementary between trees and human beings.

The work body means limited. As such, as limited, is holding itself thanks to an infinite contraction.

The answer to this infinite contraction comes from the soul and it is the eternal expansion, the temporal unity with all that is manifesting, with all that is in affinity in each individual.

We are creators of alive time, giving a new sense to what we see, to what is nurturing us or to what we experiment in expansion with no fatigue nor friction.

In the mandala the person sees reflected the individuality when making decisions and according to choices is acting re-spiritualizing the Earth.

The individual mission of watching and seeing, of being fed and nourished, of knowing, of using the senses and creating a new sense, becomes a sacred mission that transforms the mind and transforms the environment as well.

Those who love themselves honoring and using all talents transform themselves to the best. The mind expands and receives answers of beings in affinity finding a new sense of transcendentalism. Those are helped by healing plants spirits and by the spirits of courage of friends called trees.

This multiple interaction is represented by the mandalas that calm the mind reaching a new balanced state reached with love and comprehension.