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How we make them

Cosmoetica cosmetics are produced with best natural ingredients, all of them of organic agriculture, following as much as possible the cycles of the biodynamic calendar, adding the human knowledge of the etheric formative forces as a new valuable enriching the healing properties of the plants used. In this way we succeed in keeping alive and with plenty of vitality the creams and lotions.

We work with care and with strict quality control. The aim is to keep the highest vitality of the herbs used for this reason we produce according to the byodinamic calendar as much as possible according to the part of the plant we want to potentiate. Going from chaos to reordering in a rhythmical way the vitality of the product is assured. Plants traditionally known for their healing virtues are especially receptive to feed-back about their own increased effects. By incorporating this process to production with morphic resonance techniques the morphic field created amplifies the beneficial effect.

Byodinamic calendar

More than fifty years ago Maria Thun started a research about the validity of Rudolf Steiner´s theory according to which the influence of the moon over the plants and over life on the planet was different depending on the constellation in which the moon was. Thanks to the successful outcome of such research it has been carried on for more than half a century.

This astronomic investigation highlights the influence of the moon phases and the constellations behind.