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What these cosmetics are distinguished from other external use?

Certainly we say that our cosmetics are distinguished, because they are honest, only occur with natural and organic ingredients and are inclusive much love for traditional knowledge and healthy beauty.

But what distinguishes us is that these products are applied knowledge of the cycles and rhythms that contribute to healing plants best virtues and streamlined product information developed by Equisalud with positive effects on the skin and hair.

When using the cream and when the lotion?

The lotion has a fast action and amazing. It is very good for the changes, so before bed, already in bed, also waking before or after shower. It feels like a boon and a preparation for the new state to the new action. The skin is a large organ that surrounds us, which creates and sustains our etheric field relating the vital forces of nature with our own vitality.

However the cream is suitable for a more durable, has more local action, more intense and deeper while lotion feel more extensively.

On the question about the products you'll find more detailed information about each of them.

Are these products suitable for sensitive people, people with hypersensitivity, electro-sensitivity, fibromyalgia, ...?

Many people who are intolerant of other products have found great relief with creams and lotions Cosmoetica. By the combination of ingredients and detoxifying tonic and soothing at the same time being a great help to people who could not use almost anything on your skin.

We also have testimonials from people who are better when working with your computer if you apply the lotion.

The good cosmetic has a beneficial effect on the mood of the people, because skin hydrated, nourished and well kept reassuring and it feels good. The good skin breath brings not only the look florid also produces welfare. People suffering from skin irritability or feeling of pain of unknown origin are often relieved to stop using products that bring more toxicity and using Cosmoetica products also are being helped to remove hair skin and toxic that hurt him .

What is the quality of the raw materials used?

The healthy value for money is excellent. In these products no filler, no petroleum products are all selected from organic origin ingredients and highest quality in all aspects are lovely and concentrates. Its effect is intense and the duration of both the product and the good effects is large. Very little dose needed for a great result and allows each one to find the amount to use.

Why Every product provides different functionality?

In addition to variations in the percentages of the principal components differ by the specific function of the plant extracts and essential oils which carries each and every lotion cream.

In an infusion for example the element most is water, but the functions and features of a tea and a dandelion infusion are different. The subtle, as also in homeopathy, acts more.

How is it different from other organic cosmetics

Unfortunately many organic cosmetics brands use a percentage of organic ingredients with chemical bases that are producing skin problems. In our case 100% of the ingredients are of organic origin.

We also bring applied knowledge and regenerative cycles of morphic fields with which we work.

What are the different forms of application of each product?

Application forms are very simple and also allow great creativity to achieve the best results for everyone.

The basic application of the lotion is as follows:

1. - MiHappy lotion on legs and feet once in bed before sleep.

Lotion MiHappy on abdomen and arms in the morning, before or after shower.

MiHappy Lotion all over the body firming and slimming effect.

2. - Mibella Lotion over face in the morning or at any time to require a cooling effect on the vitality of the exposed skin.

Mibella as cleansing tonic lotion.

Mibella as intensive treatment lotion applied to the face after Mibella or MiBuena cream.

3. - MiHarmony lotion applied on hair before or after the shower to revitalize it.

4. - MiSol Arnica Lotion, used as a remedy to help with bites, bumps, skin irritations.

MiSol Arnica Lotion applied on the wrists, ankles, or behind the ears to stressful situations like exams, trips, ...

5. - Cream MiHappy applied as moisturizing and nourishing the whole body in the morning or evening, before a dip in the pool or in the sea, ...

MiHappy cream applied as soothing and regenerating tonic where there are scars and other skin problems.

6. - Mibella cream as moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating for the face, applied in the morning or when required.

7. - MiBuena cream, applied to the face before sleeping for more intensive treatment linking the comforting effect, the antioxidant and revitalizing. Also for use where required stronger action against indefinite sensation in any area of the skin.