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In the visible world of matter we recognized four elements: earth, water, air and fire.

Plants etherize matter, revitalizing it.

In human organism we do not find the elements as we can find them in nature, but are transformed into ethers. Warmth ether, light ether, sound or chemical ether and life ether, conform a new manifestation.

Nature evolves towards human beings who admire and from whom learns and receives guidance. Human beings have a mission to be individuals, undivided and unique, choosing to which can give attention, from what to be fed, what to use and to what attention is dedicated. To choose is the sacred task that gives distinction and creates its own destiny.

Choosing is the task that locates in affinity with other beings and with the cosmos. It is natural that mankind transforms nature and makes it human. In human being the element earth is transformed in life ether.

The earth is longing to be transformed by humanity giving soul power to create the best possible evolution for all.